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21 Day Leadership Challenge

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For years, people have said, "I want to be a better leader—what should I do?" A few have even asked if there's something like The Artist's Way for leaders—a daily practice that focuses you on unleashing your and others' leadership potential.

We created the 21 Day Leadership Challenge for this purpose. It's free, but it's not easy. It requires that you watch a short (3 minute) video each day, and take the action that's required. The actions require courage and commitment—two characteristics all leaders share. Three challenges during the 21 days require about an hour. The others can be accomplished in just 20 minutes. 

Imagine, 21 days from the start of the program, you are more confident, better able to light a fire of enthusiasm under a tribe, set and reach goals that amaze others, know yourself better, use your great gifts, and be one of those leaders who changes everything. It is possible. 

Want a sneak peak of what the 21 Day Challenge is like?  Do you want to know the secret to taking your 21 Day Challenge to the next level?  Discover three ways to super charge your 21 Day Challenge. Listen to this call with Dave Logan and Carrie Kish where they talk to people who are currently taking the challenge – 

The video below explains the Challenge, and why we're so excited by it.


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