Health Care Transformation

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CultureSync's Health Care Transformation Team helps hospitals and health care organizations communicate their mission, vision and values with their employees, become more transparent with their financial position and lay a solid foundation for trust. Our approach, techniques and tools bring organizations together and provide for teamwork and collaboration.  The result of this is a significant, measurable improvement in all key performance indicators.  

So often during time of organizational distress, middle managers are marginalized or worse, ignored, in favor of consultants. When hiring consultants, the message sent to this management group by senior management is “you have failed, you don’t know what you are doing, we are going to ask someone else to get it done.” Over time, excessive use of consultants can demoralize and alienate middle management – the very group needed to drive change through the organization. Observe how often expensive, well-prepared consulting reports lay dormant on the shelf, collecting dust.

We will re-engage and re-energize the management teams, tapping into their institutional knowledge, ideas and loyalty to develop and implement plans for recovery.

The CultureSync Health Care Transformation Program is a 4 Stage Program:

  • Stage One:  Assessment and Program Creation
  • Stage Two:  Management Team Engagement
  • Stage Three: Organization Wide Engagement
  • Stage Four:  Recovery

Benefits of the CultureSync Health Care Transformation Program Include:

  • Creating significant, measurable improvements in all key performance indicators.
  • Helping your organization to create a new future vision.
  • Being consistent with your organization’s value’s and mission.
  • Creating an inclusive, collegial process.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction.
  • Increasing collaboration and teamwork.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Aligning your stakeholder’s and constituents.
  • Improving community benefit planning and results.
  • Providing clearly articulated long-range quality, safety, customer service, network,
    IT, operational and financial goals.
  • Providing detailed, assignable and measurable work plans to achieve these goals.
  • Minimizing the use of outside consultants. We come in as educators and trainers.
  • Empowering staff to take risks.
  • Embracing employees as true experts.
  • Rewarding employees for contributing to solutions.
  • Holding employees accountable for results.
  • Reviewing the current involvement of the board of directors, and where appropriate, make recommendations.

Contact Carrie Kish if you are interested in bringing CultureSync's Health Care Transformation team into your organization.

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