Leadership Institute

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The Leadership Institute is a cutting edge leadership program that will create radical shifts in your company’s culture and create sustainable, effective leadership that gives your company a true competitive edge. This customized program focuses on delivering graduate level education, skills and tools to cohorts of 25-50 leaders at a time. It begins with interviews and an assessment to determine the specific goals and objectives of the organization, which results in a customized course that is delivered two days per month for the next five months.

Your customized Leadership Institute will:

  • Create a strong company culture of collaboration, innovation, performance and results.
  • Support individuals in completing the leap from being great performers to managing and leading great performers.
  • Expand individual, team and company results by leveraging and networking spheres of influence.
  • Improve individual, team and companywide success.
  • Increase individual ability to use ambiguity as a competitive advantage.
Effective leadership development programs must be customized for each client. What makes someone an effective leader at one company or organization is unique and individual. For example, leading effectively and successfully in a community-based hospital will require different skills, tools and approaches than leading in a group medical practice, an academic medical center, or even another community-based hospital. Likewise, being an effective and innovative leader in a global technology company will be different than being a successful leader in an international bank.

Working in partnership with your company leadership team, CultureSync will:

  • Convene a design team that will “own” the creation of the leadership development institute at your company.
  • Identify a “leadership profile” to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Identify individuals who exhibit portions of this leadership profile, to learn how they developed, and what prevents others from developing mastery in this area.
  • Develop a leadership curriculum, based on proven, evidence-based “modules,” to increase effective display of this leadership profile. Modules combine Executive MBA-style education and discussions with challenges at your company.
  • Select cohorts of 25-50 to go through the proposed curriculum, using pre and post measures of effectiveness against the leadership profile.
  • Schedule and deliver your customized Leadership Institute to all of your identified high potential leaders (in cohorts of 25-50).
See a Sample Leadership Institute with Results. For more information, please contact Carrie Kish.  

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