Leadership Unleashed

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Leadership Unleashed is an intensive two day training program designed to improve the effectiveness and impact of all of your leaders regardless of their position, team, or role in the organization. This program will unleash your individual and collective passion and talent, in coordination with each other, to expand your company’s competitive advantage. As a result, your teams and your organization will experience a renewed sense of focus, purpose, innovation and productivity that will yield unprecedented impact and results within 90 days.

Leadership Unleashed brings together the absolute best of what’s available in leadership from the past, present and future:

  • The content and tools from Dave Logan’s bestselling books The Three Laws of Performance and Tribal Leadership.
  • The best of what’s being taught at USC’s Marshall School of Business Executive MBA Program.
  • Unseen content from Dave Logan’s newest book (coming out next year) that will include topics like iconic leadership, the dark side of leadership and provocative leadership.
  • Market-Disrupting Leadership Training and materials.
  • Unpublished research from journals and articles that is 3 years ahead of what is available in books, schools and training programs.

As a Result of Participating in this Training, You Can Expect:

  • A new and compelling future for your organization.
  • A major uptick in bottom line results within 90 Days (our clients report more than a 30% improvement in measurable results).
  • Significant shifts in the culture of your company.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Remarkably improved communication.
  • Dramatic increases in employee satisfaction and retention.


CultureSync interviewed over 24,000 people in over 24 organizations over 10 years and found that there’s a 300% to 500% increase in profitability with each upgrade in cultural stage.

“Great Places to Work” found that investing in great workplaces with high trust cultures yields distinct, tangible business benefits (up to 50% less turnover, 4x cumulative stock market returns, profits increase 12 fold).

Towers Watson found average increases of 19% in operating income, almost 28% growth in earnings per share, vs. companies with low levels of engagement which saw operating income drop more than 32% and earning per share decline over 11%.

Scott Keller in “Beyond Performance” found that organizations that balance the collective mood of the tribe and performance have a 220% greater chance of being in the top quartile of profitability. In the Harvard Business Review’s Feb 2012 edition titled “The Value of Happiness” they reported that thriving tribes are 300% more creative, 31% more productive and have 37% more in sales.

Contact Carrie Kish if you are interested in bringing Leadership Unleashed into your organization. 

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