Physician Leadership Program

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Medical staff alignment is a fundamental element of any health care process and profit improvement strategy. Physician leadership actively participates in the issue identification and resolution, implementation and decision making. It is important that physician leadership take a visible role in hospital management decisions, and have aligned financial goals. The key is to provide leadership and management training and opportunities to facilitate and foster an environment of collaboration, respect, authenticity and engagement.

We will provide tools, techniques and strategies that have proven successful with physicians and middle and upper hospital management. We will help you to reengage and reenergize management teams, tapping into their institutional knowledge, ideas and loyalty to develop and implement plans for remarkable growth and success. A financially sustainable operating model must be supported by, if not driven by, your medical staff. If implemented correctly, the plan could even create a long-term provider affiliation model that brings together outside community providers into an integrated delivery system that can share risk and manage patient care over a larger geography.

The overall goals include engaging the current medical staff to create, embrace and drive a new, vibrant future for your hospital organization that might include expanding services, cutting costs, improving quality, enhancing safety, improving patient satisfaction and loyalty and aligning with other healthcare providers to create an expanded network of high quality care.

Get your medical staff actively participating in the creation and implementation of your new strategic plan, resulting in improved operational performance, clinical outcomes and new provider partnerships.

In this program, we help you:

  • Develop a physician pact between the management and the medical staff; a set of mutual commitments that, if honored, will propel the organization and its physician partners into a vibrant new future.
  • Create an organizational alignment on the new, invented future (rather than default future) that is shared by the hospital and its medical staff.
  • Create an organizational alignment based on shared values and this new common vision among its physicians and staff for the long-term success of the organization.
  • Create a more collaborative, collegial environment among physicians, nurses and staff.

To meet these goals, we work with you to create a collaborative hospital/physician relationship that will:

  • Take participants on a journey to understand their role in the health system and to understand the concepts of default and invented future.
  • Explore what drives performance and behavior at work.
  • Identify the performance and behavior needed for future, sustained success.
  • Align with the goals and mission of the medical staff and the hospital.
  • Identify each individual’s and team’s role in achieving sustainable success.
  • Build a foundation to help ensure that these values and goals live on.

Contact Carrie Kish if you are interested in bringing the Physician Leadership Program to your organization.

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