Reputation Audit

Reputation Audit

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How are you known? What is the impact of your leadership? What are your blind spots?  How can you become more effective? 

Our team conducts up to five confidential 20-minute interviews to get a complete perspective of your impact as a leader, and gives you a jumpstart on changing your reputation. We then deliver the results to you in a private coaching session. 

 The reputation audit reveals:

  • What others are saying about you.
  • What they think your great gifts are.
  • What behaviors they think you need to change to be a more effective leader.
  • What they think your blind spots are.
  • Whether they think you can change.
  • To what extent they are willing to see you differently.

The reputation audit not only reveals what others are saying about you, but is also the critical first step in shifting your reputation.

In addition to providing insight for you on how you are known, your reputation audit creates the opportunity for others to experience you in a new way and support you in becoming a more effective leader.  

Reputation Audit - $1,000.00

Contact Carrie Kish for discounted pricing for teams.

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