Tribal Leadership Intensive

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Want to Learn More About Improving Your Leadership Through The Tribal Leadership Intensive?

Contact: Carrie Kish

To learn more, listen to this recording of the Leadership Hack Call: 

Tribal Leadership is the result of over 10-years of study in over 24 organizations. The authors identify five stages of tribal culture and how to support entire tribes of people in moving from one stage to the next. When leaders, coaches, consultants, and change agents implement these strategies and techniques, performance improves and results dramatically increase. The Tribal Leadership Intensive program is filled with 10 weeks of culture improving techniques, strategies, and tools that are practiced in the most effective organizations.

Participants in the Tribal Leadership Intensive:

  • Learn to quickly upgrade tribes from one cultural stage to the next more effective stage
  • Increase the performance of your teams and your organization
  • Become an expert in applying tools like micro strategies and daily boxes
  • Create triads and teams to more effectively work together, build community and develop mission based projects together
  • Increase your intentionality and effectiveness at innovation and collaboration
  • Develop your leadership and your ability to lead to the people, teams and clients you serve

This program can be delivered as a 10 week teleclass or as a 2 day intensive with follow up coaching. As a group, you will learn the techniques and tools for increasing performance—and begin immediately applying them in your life and in your work. The result will be a resounding, “I’m great.” As the program progresses, you and your fellow classmates will develop a “We’re great” team. Throughout the program, you will apply what you are learning in your organization and with the clients you serve.

You will experience a deep dive into the language and behaviors of the tribal stages, the relationship structures including dyads, triads, and tribes, and the tools and techniques that will make you—and your tribes—more effective and fun.

If you are interested in a custom delivery of the Tribal Leadership Intensive for your group, organization, or team contact our very own Carrie Kish to learn more about the options.

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