Leadership Unleashed: Live in L.A.

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Are you ready to unleash your leadership and change the world?

It’s time for us all to step up and lead like it really matters, because it does! We hold the vision for what’s possible. It matters to us because we take a stand for something greater in the world. It matters to the work we do.
It matters because we are all here to make a bigger difference. It matters because we know that we are here to change our lives, our work places, our communities and the world!

Join us for three days to unleash your leadership, take it to the next level and explore what is possible.


Dates: November 27th – 29th, 2012

Location: The Skirball Center

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday, 10:00 am - 3:30 pm Thursday


Leadership Unleashed: Live in LA video program will be available soon.

Dave Logan is awesome! I see probably 300 speakers a year, and Dave is one of the absolute best—captivating, dynamic, and engaging. You will never see your business the same after hearing him.
Ken Rutkowski, Host, Business Rockstars (Syndicated CBS Radio)
Dave’s work is absolutely critical to anyone seeking to change their company’s fortunes. Adaptable to any company and any leader, Logan’s advice shows you how to make change possible and how to make it stick.
Dustin Corcoran, CEO, California Medical Association

This event brings together the absolute best of what’s available in leadership from the past, the present and the future:

  • The content and tools from Dave Logan’s books The Three Laws of Performance and Tribal Leadership
  • The best of what’s being taught at USC’s Marshall School of Business Executive MBA Program
  • Unseen content from Dave Logan’s newest book (coming out next year) that will include topics like iconic leadership, the dark side of leadership and provocative leadership
  • Market-Disrupting Leadership Training and materials (we generally charge $60-$100K to deliver this training to our corporate clients)
  • Unpublished research from journals and articles that is three years ahead of what is available in books, schools and training programs
  • Remarkable speakers, leaders and change makers

We are Bringing You Access to Our Inner Circle. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Learn from:


Mike Morrison

Founder of Toyota University

Author of This is Not Working


Robert Richman

Zappos Insights

Author of The Culture Blueprint


Brad Hams

Author, Ownership Thinking


Dan Mezick

Author, The Culture Game


Dave Kashen

Founder, Quantum Leading & the Unleashed Conference


Mark Taylor

New York Chair & CEO, Vistage NYC

As champion of our WellMed Culture Initiative, I had the recent opportunity to participate in a leadership program with Dave Logan. His insight and application of the importance of culture to the success of an organization was phenomenal!
By embracing his recommendations and clearly living our core values, we can only strengthen WellMed’s culture and business structure. Our vision of "changing the face of healthcare delivery for Seniors" will then be realized.
Shamsa Saleem, MD, Senior Medical Director, Wellmed

As a result of attending this event, you will:

  • Start 2013 two-to-three years ahead of your competitors
  • Develop a new and compelling future for your organization
  • Learn how to become an iconic leader and be a legend in your industry
  • Know how to harness your dark side without becoming possessed by it
  • Create a major uptick in bottom line results within 90 Days (our clients report 30% and better improvements)
  • Generate significant shifts in the culture of your company
  • Improve efficiency
  • Remarkably improve communication
  • Dramatically increase employee satisfaction and retention

See us in Action

We are featuring an amazing future looking company as a case study during the event. Nova’s mission is to unleash the potential of people with physical challenges. Their company is poised and ready to be the next Zappos like success story. Work alongside Nova as they transform their company from great to legendary.

Network & Collaborate

This is your opportunity to network, collaborate with and learn alongside corporate teams, organizations, consultants and trainers who are doing amazing work in the world. This is your opportunity to uplevel your peer group and play a bigger game.


Learn More -- Listen to our informational call from
November 15, 2012


Questions?  Please email Carrie Kish, she'd love to hear from you!


Leaders Give Back!

CultureSync is proud to be partnering with Junior Achievement of Southern California to support financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness through hands-on experiential programs.
For more information about Junior Achievement, please visit jasocal.org


Joining Us From Out of Town?

We recommend The Hotel Angeleno. It is the closest hotel to The Skirball Center. We have negotiated a reduced rate of $146/night. This includes valet parking and wi-fi. There will be a shuttle between the Hotel Angeleno and The Skirball Center every day. To make your reservations, please call (310) 476-6411. Let them know that you are attending CultureSync's Leadership Unleashed Event and they will set you up with the discounted rate.

This event will be photographed and videoed. By registering for this event, you accept and acknowledge, in advance, that you will be requested to sign a release form on November 27th. If you would like to preview this release, click here.

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