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Just in case you missed the live Mega MashUp calls featuring our very special guests, you can sign up to listen to the recordings here. 

Your Unique Self - Getting to the Heart of your Great Gift with Marc Gafni
March 2013

Great Stage Four tribes start with great Stage Three individuals. Being stable at Stage Three starts with really knowing your Unique Self.

Entrepreneurial Family Values with Meg Hirshberg
October 2012

Explore the intersection of family and business in this insightful discussion with Dave Logan and Meg Hirshberg, author of For Better or For Work: A Survivial Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families.

Take The Stairs with Rory Vaden
October 2012

Learn how to fight procrastination and improve self-discipline so that you discover the tools to achieve greatness. Find out how these concepts can impact the success of your tribe. Rory promises there will be no quick fixes, but join us to see what the long-term solutions may be.

What's Your Type with Ginger Lapid-Bogda
September 2012

Join Dave Logan and Ginger Lapid-Bogda, author and consultant,  as they discuss how the Enneagram works and how it can become a powerful tool in your business. They will explore how each “type” is affected by their tribal stage, and how to bring the best out of those in your organization, and yourself.

Getting It: Learn More, Better and Faster with Devon Scheef August 2012

Think about it: Every day, you learn something new, whether it’s noodling around with a complicated app or honing the finer points of leadership. If you’re typical, you give each new endeavor 100% effort—but less than half the time, you end up not truly retaining the skills or lessons learned.

Lean Startup with Eric Ries June 2012

Join Dave Logan and the leader in the Lean Startup world, Eric Ries, for a call that explores where the principles of Tribal Leadership and Lean Startup complement, overlap, and conflict with one another – and much more. Are you a Tribal Leadership fan bringing a new product to market or a Lean Startup fan who wants to build a great, resilient organizational culture? This recording is for you.

Winning the Productivity Game with Dan Mezick June 2012

Play the game and love your work. Author and coach, Dan Mezick, joined Dave Logan for a rousing 60 minute romp through the games you can play every day to make work more productive, satisfying, and fun.

Tribal Scrum with Si Alhir April 2012

Run meetings that accomplish more in less time, by turning it into a Stage Four game. This method is easy to learn, gets immediate results, and reinforces Stage Four.

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