Tribal Leadership Approval Program

Are you ready to become a Tribal Leadership expert?
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The Approved Tribal Leader (ATL) Program is designed for individuals and triads who are committed to leading change and building culture inside their organizations or with their clients. Approved Tribal Leaders are our acknowledged partners who are trained by CultureSync in an intensive, yearlong program.

Once you have completed the program, you will be a “CultureSync Approved Tribal Leader™” able to expertly:

  1. Identify cultural stages by listening to language and observing behaviors.
  2. Deliver techniques and tools for upgrading stage by stage.
  3. Lead teams who produce vastly superior results by synchronizing culture, strategy, and structure.

In the Approval Program you will:

  • Participate in two monthly calls with our expert team of coaches, trainers and other ATLs designed to support you and your Approval Program Triad in completing requirements.
  • Complete two triadic projects using the techniques and tools you are learning for supporting leaders and building stable Stage 4 teams.
  • Develop and stabilize stage four triads in every area of your life.
  • Complete the program as part of an intact, self-directed and self-led triad.
  • Encourage the development of your peers in the program.

The ATL Program Includes:

  • Intensive training and practice using and implementing over 25 tools, including: Click Down, Mountains & Valleys, Values Embedded Stories, Management vs. Leadership, Default/Invented Future, Micro Strategies, J-Curve, Innovation Triangle, Outrage-Passion-Sacred, Completion
  • Triadic Coaching
  • Support and Accountability on building 6 stable, Stage 4 triads
  • Completion of a capstone project with your ATL triad
  • Access to the following online resources: Leading People, Leading Organizations, Ignite Innovation, Tribal Leadership Jumpstart, Business Genius and the Tribal Rainmakers Library

    • Course price is $1000 per month for twelve months.
    • Special course pricing for groups and intact triads. Contact Jack Bennett for more information.

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