Tribal Leadership Intensive

Bring the Tribal Leadership Intensive into Your Organization

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Program: Ten weeks
What's your ultimate outcome, that gotta do, needs to happen, willing to put everything on the table, ultimate outcome? Is it a personal goal, a professional goal, a business goal? Maybe you have one of each. Are you making the progress you need to achieve it or is it hanging out there in front of you not yet attainable?   If your one big goal is big enough, you can't do it on your own and it will require your leadership in ways that are brand new, exciting, and challenging. The Tribal Leadership Intensive is designed for you.

Tribal Leaders create the conditions, relationships, and opportunities to make things happen that weren't going to happen otherwise. The Tribal Leadership Intensive is designed to make you that kind of leader.

You Will:

  • Make real progress on your one big goal.
  • Improve your leadership, mentoring and coaching to the emerging leaders you serve.
  • Increase the performance of your organization or clients.
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of you and your tribe.
  • Get advanced access to content from Dave Logan's latest book.
  • Learn to quickly upgrade tribes from one cultural stage to the next more effective stage.
  • Become an expert in applying tools like Great Gift Mapping and the Personal Vitality Index.
  • Connect to the global Tribal Leadership community.
  • Grow your network and increase your opportunities for innovation and collaboration.
  • Learn everything you need to know about Tribal Leadership to change conditions, develop relationships, and spot opportunities.
The Tribal Leadership Intensive is a 10-week program for developing your leadership and the conditions, relationships, and opportunities around you. It begins first with understanding your "tribe" - the group of people gathered around you who are part of achieving your goals. Once you can identify your tribe, you can begin to create the conditions, relationships, and opportunities to make things happen. That's what Tribal Leadership is about - identifying where the tribe is now and doing what is necessary to increase the tribe's ability to achieve more. The Tribal Leadership Intensive gives you the resources, techniques, and skills you need to make real progress towards your one big goal.

Special Bonus Features Included with the Intensive:

  • Two Targeted Coaching Calls with a senior CultureSync Coach: to keep you focused on your big goal.
  • Three Months of Tribal Rainmakers calls.
  • Weekly Support Calls with other participants in the program.
Watch this video of Dave talking about topics that will be covered in more detail in TLI.
The 10-week telecourse led by the CultureSync team features special appearances by Dave Logan and other special guests.



  • 10-weeks of culture changing content.
  • Special appearances from leaders who have cracked the Tribal Code.
  • Collaboration with program participants from around the world.
  • Weekly assignments to support your development including great videos, insight provoking exercises, cutting edge research, and new conversations with leaders you respect.
  • Special Intensive-only groups on Linkedin and Facebook.


  • Be passionate about developing your leadership.
  • Be excited about building your tribe.
  • Dial-in to a call on a weekly basis. At a minimum, you must commit to attending 8 of the 10 sessions and listen to the recordings of any calls that you miss.

Stay Informed Follow @davelogan1, @culturesync, and @triballeadership on Twitter for ongoing updates about special guests.

About Tribal Leadership Tribal Leadership is the result of over 10-years of study in over 24 organizations. In it the authors identify five stages of tribal culture and how to support entire tribes of people in moving from one stage to the next. When leaders, coaches, consultants, and change agents implement these strategies and techniques performance improves and results dramatically increase. If you are interested in a custom delivery of the Tribal Leadership Intensive for your group, organization, or team contact Carrie Kish to learn more about the options.  

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