Get WordMapped!

Discover How Your Words Can Lead to Your Success or Downfall

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Have you noticed that some people seem to "get you" after only a brief conversation?

Do you secretly suspect, but want to confirm, your "great gift"?

What makes you vulnerable, in a way you can't see but others can?

We have spent over twenty years combining techniques from leadership, rhetoric, psychology, and linguistics, into a process that can show you the software your brain is using. In a 30 minute call, Get WordMapped by one of our senior team members and discover:

1. Your great gift.
2. At least one major blind spot.
3. Where you are vulnerable to manipulation.

At the end the the call, we will email you a brief report, and send you a copy of the word map we made up for you. To learn more, read Dave's blog about word mapping.

Get WordMapped is a one-time payment of $297.


Why Get WordMapped?

This simple process will uncover your great gift, a blind spot and at least one vulnerability. Knowing your great gift as others see it is vital to your success. Once you are aware of it, you can identify when it is needed, and unleash your true leadership potential. Knowing your blind spot may be even more important. This can stop you from making the wrong hiring choices because of a bias you are totally unaware of or spending your time on pet projects that are keeping you away from vital work. Once you are WordMapped, you will also discover where you are vulnerable, thus inoculating you from being manipulated.

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