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Dave’s recent class about Tribal Leadership at Qualcomm drew an enthusiastic crowd of managers, directors and vice presidents. I have received so many positive comments from people who felt Dave really connected with them. They liked his presentation style and said they learned useful management tools. Some managers have even formed a discussion group called “Tribal Leadership” to share ideas and principles introduced by Dave and to bolster their management skills. It’s definitely one of the most engaging presentations my team has experienced.

Desi Rosado, Senior Director, IT
Qualcomm, Inc.

When I first heard Dave, John, and Halee describe the Five Cultural Stages they had identified, the world became much clearer to me. Here was a description of individual and group behavior that reflected with much greater clarity the world we live in! And here was a model that everyone who heard the explanation identified with – instantly. The Cultural Stages map [the basis of Tribal Leadership] has been an invaluable tool working with high performing professionals and clients. It enables us to set the bar at new heights and quickly and positively influence behavior to seek and reach the new bar.

Skip Beebe, Retired Chief Learning Officer
CB Richard Ellis

The effect Dave Logan created with his keynote at RELIABILITY 2.0 was profound. This technically-oriented audience greeted Tribal Leadership with some initial skepticism; however, within a few minutes, they were taking notes, nodding their heads and laughing out loud as they delighted in recognition of their co-workers, their leaders and themselves. Later in the day I happened to look over the shoulders of a group of engineers who were drawing a grid of the Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 Tribes they could identify in their workplace. I knew right then and there we had selected the right guy to transform our attendees. Thank you Dave.

Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO/Publisher, Magazine

Your presentation was inspiring, motivating and thought provoking. You brought to life many of the principles from your Tribal Leadership book and almost two months later, there is still a “buzz” and sense of excitement in the air here at Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego as a direct result of your visit and book. Your discussions with our Board of Directors and small group sessions prior to your presentation ignited our leadership teams for Children’s Specialists, Rady Children’s Hospital as well as UCSD. You amazed us with how clearly you understand and can explain complex issues, and the timing of your visit couldn’t have been better with the transformational discussions our three organizations are having about becoming world class and providing world class health care for all children. We used your model outlining the “Five Components of Tribal Strategy” to guide us at our recent Summit meeting where we were able to identify our noble cause and articulate our values and the outcomes we want to achieve.

Herbert Kimmons, MD, MMM, President Children’s Specialists, CPMG, Executive Vice-Chair UCSD Pediatrics

Dave is one of the most energising academics I have met. His work on Tribal Leadership is accessible and inspirational and can directly be picked up by management at all levels across complex and large global organisations such at TNT.

Peter Bakker, CEO TNT N.Y.,

Dave Logan is an inspirational and engaging speaker. His five culture stages have been a thought provoking breakthrough for our organization as we strive to be a global, seamless and integrated, service provider. His highly interactive talks and teachings on Tribal Leadership have helped to ‘redefine what is possible’ for our people and organization as a whole.

Andrew Cohen, Executive Director, Gensler

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