Click Down Core Values Exercise

quickly identify a person’s core values
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You identify core values by “clicking down” into areas of interest and importance to them.
    Listen to Dave explain how to use the Click Down tool to uncover people’s core values.
    See Click Down in Action

  1. Find a link to click — While talking with someone, notice any word or phrase that might be blue and underlined as if it were a link on a web page. The links would have importance to the speaker. A person’s voice might become more excited. You will hear what is of intrinsic value to that person.
  2. Click on the link — “Click down” on a highlighted word or phrase by asking an open ended question about the item of value to elicit a deeper conversation. Listen again for a new blue and underlined phrase as the person speaks, then ask another open-ended question about the speaker’s emphasized word or phrase.
  3. Discover the Core Value — You will usually uncover a core value after several “click down” inquiries. A core value is revealed when your question evokes only the same response as in a previous answer–as if that person knows no further answer can be given. For them it is a core value. Upon reaching a core value you might hear, “That is important to me just because it is.”
You may also use this process to identify your own core values.

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