Find Your Unique Gift

Seven Scenes Activity
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In his CBS Money Watch blog, Dave talks about the importance of finding your unique gift and refining the results to create actionable insights. Instructions: there are two ways to use this tool. The first is to start from scratch, using your experiences in solving problems, challenges or opportunities to find your “great gift.” The second is to start with the output of a standardized tool, such as StrengthsFinder, Now Discover Your Strengths, etc., and learn more specifics about your great gift. The value in great gifts is in the nuances. Exactly when is it at its best? In what situations does it not perform as well? These are the key questions that Seven Scenes will help you answer. Read more about this concept—and Deirdre's experience with it, in this blog post.
Complete this Seven Scenes activity to discover and refine your unique gifts.
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