Oil Change Hack: Big Four Questions

Get Faster, Better, Communication
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If you don’t change the oil in your car, your ride becomes rough. Wait longer and you risk damaging the engine.  So it is with tribal communication. No matter how much you communicate in real time, some buildup of resentments will happen. The oil change is an easy way to get those flushed from the tribe in a short period of time. The result is faster communication, greater vitality and more enthusiastic participation.

The oil change assumes you’ve established a Stage Four (“we’re great”) tribe already. If you haven’t, start by doing that—use our free audio book, Tribal Leadership, as your guide.

  1. Someone reads the tribe’s core values. Spend five minutes on what people think they mean.
  2. Ask (of the tribe): what’s going well, in relation to those values?
  3. Ask: what’s not going well, in relation to those values?
  4. Ask: what can be done? (Note this question is intentionally open-ended.  Some people will talk about how we can build on strengths, while others will talk about how we can fix what’s broken.)
  5. Ask: Anything else?


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